Pistol Cleaning Kits

Pistol Cleaning Kits

Pistol Cleaning Kits

RangeTray is proud to offer Gungenics' patent pending gun cleaning system that just made cleaning your guns as easy as shooting them. 

Their patent pending quik-change rods and adapters will have you cleaning your gun in less time and with less effort than any other gun cleaning kit.

We at RangeTray have personally tested these kits and were so impressed with their quality we wanted to share them with our customers.  They are perfect for the new gun owner and great for everyone from the single gun owner, to the multiple gun owner.  We highly recommend them!

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Gungenics 2-Pc. Caliber Specific Adapter Set

$8.49 *
Old price $9.49
In stock

Gungenics Quik-Change 4-Pc. Hand Gun Cleaning Kit

$24.95 *
Old price $26.95
In stock

Gungenics Replacement Bore Brushes

$4.29 *
Old price $5.29
In stock
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